Style, theme, color, functionality – these are just some of the things you should consider before installing your home’s kitchen and bathroom sink. It’s not enough to know that it is the most “get the most f your money” item, or the “most expensive and therefore the best choice” sink. If you want a better-looking home and a well-functioning household, you should keep even these simple things of consideration in mind, and you’ll thank me in the future… *wink*

Consider the size of your family

You should match the size of your sink with your family size. Know how often people are in the kitchen, how much plates are normally washed and so on. Having a family of 7 people with a small sink might bring you more hassle with the crowded space. And living alone with a huge sink mike just be unnecessary. The size of your sink will also add your comfort in terms of daily chores and activities happening within the household.

Suitable to the style of your home

The style of your home may be modern, contemporary, country, and such. For a modern and aesthetic style – stainless steel and cast iron sinks are usually preferred. Always match the style and color of your sink to your interior design so they would look pleasing in the eyes. Improving your interior design can go from these small details just like considering the design of your sink. As a whole, you would see the beauty of it and surely be satisfied

Know the Materials

The usual ones are stainless steel and granite – there are other materials available too like porcelain, cast iron, and stone. Of course, you should choose from materials that are durable and well-finished. Know the usual and daily activities to be done in your household and what is the best and most convenient. Opt for the strongest material when the family loves to bond in the kitchen, cooking and baking together, the sink would be more prone to wear and tear. 

Kitchen sinks and Bathroom sinks are one of the most used household equipment DAILY. With the everyday washing of dishes in the kitchen, brushing of teeth in the bathroom, and so on. They’re prone to wear and tear a lot – that’s why maintaining the sink and its fixtures is important. If you have no idea on how to do it or find yourself to have no time and want to focus on more important stuff, then leave the job to the Professionals! The Elizabeth Drain Service team are professionals when it comes to any maintenance, repair, and installation of and plumbing fixtures and drainage. Call us NOW!