Having your walls looking their best on a new and agreeable color can be super rewarding, especially if you put a lot of effort into planning how the decoration will bring your vision into life.  

The house painter contractor can either be your greatest ally to achieve the house of your dreams or a complete flop. That’s why is so important to choose the best man for the task! 

If you want your walls and the whole process to be as smooth as possible, here is some advice to keep in mind: 

Have options 

Don’t put yourself in the situation of having to hire the only guy available, even at the risk of getting ripped off. The more different contractors you reach out to, the better chance you have of getting the right person. I assure you there are more house painters near you than you think, just be patient and explore your options carefully. 

Take recommendations into account 

Think of your neighbors, friends, family members, and people near you as the best sources of qualified contractors. If they are happy, there’s a high chance you’ll also be. Another plus to hiring someone recommended to you is that you’ll be able to see their work in real life –no edited pics- analyze how past work is holding up and overall making sure they are up for the task. If the contractor wasn’t recommended to you, don’t hesitate to ask him for references to his previous work and to find out if the work was high-quality. 

Look for someone cordial 

Honestly, your painting contractor doesn’t have to be the funniest, more charismatic person to be around but definitely should be agreeable, cooperative, and trustworthy. Another must-have is being committed. The truth is that if he’s not punctual it’s very likely he doesn’t take you or your project very seriously. 

Communication is key 

As in all aspects of life, this is pretty much needed to succeed. Make sure to explain all the details of your project when you contact them, it’s best to know from the get-go if this is a good fit for you and not waste anyone’s time. 

Everything: Materials, preparation, and the latest trends. You want someone able to advise you on these topics, and their response will let you know if you’re talking to an expert that has years of experience or someone who’s on their first project. 

Get everything done on your terms

Examine carefully the contract. The terms should be clear and include all the main things. 

Express what is acceptable and what is not. From the cost to the number of coats. You want to make business with an honest person, therefore, if you feel something doesn’t add up don’t go ahead. You should always feel like the one making the choices. If your contractor it’s not understanding and supportive now, imagine if an issue comes along how bad things could get.

Credentials matter 

Before making a choice, verify licenses and insurance. When the contractor has general liability insurance you get a lot of weight off your shoulder if there’s an accident on your property. Feel free to ask about the type of training and experience their employees have to make sure every crew member is prepared. 

As we saw, when it comes to choosing a local house painter there’s a lot more to take into account than pricing, choose someone who will give you the peace of mind to know that your walls are in good hands.